Diverse Tourism Experiences Await Visitors in Halong Bay

Staying overnight in Halong Bay, experiencing restaurant services combined with sightseeing, kayaking, seaplane tours, and more are among the activities tourists can enjoy when visiting Halong Bay, Quang Ninh.

To meet the diverse entertainment needs of tourists and enhance the competitiveness of the destination, tourism businesses have introduced many attractive tourism products, such as overnight stays in Halong Bay, restaurant services combined with sightseeing, kayaking, seaplane tours, and more.

There are nearly 500 tourist boats operating transportation and overnight stays in Halong Bay, the largest number in the country.

These boats range from 1 to 5 stars, with about 30% being steel-hulled vessels. Despite their different styles, most facilities are meticulously invested in with luxurious and convenient interiors.

Tourist boats also focus on investing in deck areas, corridors, balconies, swimming pools, etc., to create relaxing spaces, serving the needs of sightseeing, sunbathing, and admiring the beauty of Halong Bay for tourists.

Moreover, these boats offer diverse and rich itineraries, bringing novelty and excitement to tourists, such as exploring the life of fishermen in fishing villages, watching the sunset, kayaking, practicing tai chi, cooking, spa treatments, massages, and therapies.

Not only developing overnight stay services, but also 5-star restaurant experiences in Halong Bay are being pursued by tourism businesses. Especially, after the Covid-19 pandemic, this type of tourism has “boomed,” becoming a favored and chosen trend for many tourists when visiting Halong Bay.

Along with the operation of restaurant boats, the Floating Night Market at the International Passenger Port in Halong City (Bai Chay Ward) is also undergoing procedures to officially open.

This is the first unique product in Quang Ninh’s nighttime economic development strategy, opening up new vibrant entertainment spaces for tourists when visiting the heritage area at night.

The Floating Night Market is expected to operate from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM daily, with 4 to 5-star quality boats. Through this, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite culinary space, immerse in the sparkling night of Halong City, and admire famous landmarks and structures.

It is known that there are many types of entertainment and recreational services serving tourists in Halong Bay, such as kayaking, rowing boats, high-speed boats.

Additionally, there are services such as banana boat rides, parasailing, etc. Or activities to visit pearl farming villages, aquaculture areas combined with tourism, learning about the culture of fishermen in Halong Bay, attracting and appealing to tourists.

In addition to cruising, admiring Halong Bay from a height of over 300m from a seaplane is one of the memorable experiences for tourists. This experience costs from 1.6 to 2 million VND per person, with a flying time of 25 minutes.

The flight departs from Tuan Chau Ferry Terminal, passing through Tuan Chau Island, Reu Island, Dinh Island, Ba Hai Island, But Moc Island, Tai Voi Island, Sung Sot Cave, Ti Top Island, Dinh Huong Islet, Thien Cung Cave, then returning to the airstrip. This type of service has been operated by Hai Au Aviation for sightseeing in Vietnam since 2014, welcoming over 100,000 passengers to date.

It can be seen that the development of safe, unique, and attractive tourism services will contribute to providing diverse and fresh experiences for tourists, as well as enhancing the quality of services in the tourism industry of Quang Ninh province in general.